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Store sales just shot right up!

Andrew Foo, Senior Store Manager from The Nuance Group talks about the double digit growth in the business when staff implemented the 'Six Steps of Best Selling' and adapted to their customers colour energies.

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Inside Inspiration Discovering Sales Effectiveness Fact Sheet

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Sample Insights Discovery Personal Profile

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  • Give your Sales team the communication and relationship building skills they need to grow your business profits!

    Discovering Sales Effectiveness is an essential Program of development for Sales and Service professionals. You will learn how to leverage your natural psychological preference and strengths at each stage of the sale and how to overcome challenges to take your capability to the next level.

    Do you want to:

    1. revitalise your sales team and inspire individuals to set Goals and achieve a higher level of performance?
    2. provide sales people with a unique insight into themselves, their customers, and how this impacts their sales success?
    3. instil the mindset, capability and behaviour to recognise and connect with each unique customer?
    4. empower your sales executives to build first class relationships fast?
    5. inspire your sales people to exceed their targets by improving their attitudes, skills and behaviours?
    6. deliver improved sales results long after the training is over?

    Discovering Sales Effectiveness is the next program of development for Sales and Customer Service professionals wanting to take their skills to the next level. Participants receive the personalised Insights Discovery® Effective Selling chapter, identifying individual strengths and weaknesses at each of the Insights Discovery® six stages of selling (complimentary to most organisations sales models). Individuals learn how to leverage their natural behavioural (psychological) preference, style and strengths at each stage of the sale and how to overcome challenges that may be blocking success. This modular program explores the skills, behaviours, and attitudes necessary for superior sales success and customer satisfaction.

    Sales people learn to maximise their sales effectiveness by engaging all four Insights® colour energies as relevant to the customer throughout the six stage sales process:-

    1. Before the Sale begins (preparation)
    2. Identifying Needs
    3. Proposing the Solution
    4. Dealing with Buying Resistance
    5. Gaining Commitment
    6. Follow-up and Follow-through

    Those who are not in a direct sales role will still find the content highly relevant to improve their influencing and customer service skills.


    At the heart of the Program is the Insights Discovery®
    Learning System.

    Program Overview

    1. Insights Discovery® – An Introduction
    2. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile
    3. Discovering Sales Effectiveness - 6 Steps Sales Model
    4. Committing to Action
    5. Role Plays
    6. Recognising Type
    7. Adapting & Connecting
    8. Insights into Influencing
    9. Developing a Positive Attitude
    10. Building Effective Relationships
    11. Effective Communications
    12. Building Rapport

    Our approach is high energy, interactive and fun. We also encourage reflection and group discussion to allow a clear sales action plan to be developed.


    Customised to your needs and budget this program can be delivered in a modularised format, commencing with one-on-one personal profile debrief and coaching to a conference keynote, half, full or multi-day program. Options also include on-the-shop floor transfer of skills, on-going coaching and online learning modules.


    Suitable for sales managers, account executives, consultants, business-to-business sales or customer service representatives.

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    We look forward to understanding your needs and working with you to empower your sales and service professionals with new relationship building and interpersonal skills that grow your business and profits!


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    What our clients say...

    This has resulted in a much more effective Sales Force

    Implementation of the Best Selling program including the Insights Discovery® Sales Effectiveness solution represents the largest investment that Nuance Group has ever made in it’s people as well as a major cultural shift that affects every aspect of our business. This has resulted in a much more effective Sales Force that is able to maximize opportunities with their customers as well as Leaders that have confidence in Sales Coaching. This has been evident in the increased effectiveness as recorded by our unique Best Selling Mystery Shopping program that covers 27% of our sales force every quarter.
    picture Richard East, Head of Organisational Development, The Nuance Group Australia


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