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We have got better sales results!

Andrew Foo talks about the benefit Insights Discovery® Sales training has had on his organisation

We've seen a double digit growth on the business

When we were first told to go and do this course, we were all a bit sceptical about the success of this course. Because most of the staff were thinking, 'Oh is this another course!'. So we all went along to this 3 day course on Best Selling. But after we've come back and we've seen the result that has been created with the implementation of this Best Selling in the store, when we start practicing the Best Selling, we found out that the Store result just shot right up. We have got better sales results, infact the Stores results has increased tremendously just by the fact that the staff are utilising the best selling that they have learnt and to utilise it on the customer. It's been fantastice, I mean we've seen a double digit growth on the business just by the staff applying the 6 steps of Best Selling.
picture Andrew Foo, The Nuance Group


Since introducing Insights we've increased our sales and retained staff

Craig Klassen from the Nuance Group talks about Insights Discovery®

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  • It has truly been a great journey with Insights...

    It has truly been a great journey with Insights .... A new language has emerged within a historically somewhat dispersed and disconnected organisation and as we were traveling we have converted many skeptics, primarily because Insights has a unique combination of, scientific rigor, impactful and simple presentation, powerful training interventions, excellent Insights representatives wherever we went around the world.
    picture Ruud Rikhof, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, The Nuance Group


    This has resulted in a much more effective Sales Force

    Implementation of the Best Selling program including the Insights Discovery® Sales Effectiveness solution represents the largest investment that Nuance Group has ever made in it’s people as well as a major cultural shift that affects every aspect of our business. This has resulted in a much more effective Sales Force that is able to maximize opportunities with their customers as well as Leaders that have confidence in Sales Coaching. This has been evident in the increased effectiveness as recorded by our unique Best Selling Mystery Shopping program that covers 27% of our sales force every quarter.
    picture Richard East, Head of Organisational Development, The Nuance Group Australia


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