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  • How to facilitate groups to engage everyone, stimulate ideas, innovation and discussion, drive action and deliver FAST results!


    It’s a simple fact, that many offsites or workshops tend to have an abundance of verbal discussion but fail to achieve the results or objectives set for the session.

    This typically occurs because of a lack of structure, effective moderation and because some of the group will dominate the discussion whilst others will be reluctant to share their ideas and thoughts openly.

    Our Power Facilitation process offers some key advantages in this area ...

    1. Our use of 'visual mapping' ensures active and effective contribution from all participants (introverts and extroverts alike)
    2. The use of repositionable colour cards and symbolic stationery offers an effective mechanism to capture, review, organise and prioritise ideas in a holistic, participative and interative manner
    3. The goal and process orientated focus of the Moderator keeps the group on task and on time ensuring outcomes are achieved

    Real success and innovation comes from harnessing power and planning with people and not over them. Truly effective facilitators know how to efficiently manage the environment, content, process and people in a meeting to stimulate the meaningful discussion and sharing of ideas needed to ensure a successful outcome.


    Our skilled facilitators use the latest technology, tools and processes in group facilitation techniques to harness the maximum buy-in, contribution, innovation and synergy from every group in the shortest possible time.

    Because all group members actively participate simultaneously, there is greater speed, momentum and responsibility for achieving the outcome.
    This ensures your time and money is well spent and your people walk away with the specified outcome, clarity and buy-in necessary to implement the agreed action plan.

    Key Benefits, we will ...

    1. Free up your leaders and key executives to focus on creative thinking, problem solving and innovation rather than co-ordination, logistics and facilitation.
    2. Rapidly create a fun, stimulating and interactive environment that encourages innovation, imagination, sharing and collaborative discussion
    3. Engage and empower your people to easily and effectively contribute to the discussion and visual communication process
    4. Utilise innovative techniques that uncover the truth about what everyone is really thinking and feeling, regardless of who is in the room
    5. Capture the best collective thinking, ideas and buy-in of the group in a highly visual, flexible, innovative and impartial format

    Our Tools and Methods

    Our approach and system is based on ‘visual mapping’, ‘participative planning’ and the ‘moderation method’ for interactive group work. We ensure a creative, yet structured visual dialogue process. Our hardware includes the ‘Think PodTM’ and the ‘Neuland Moderation Boards’.


    Our stationery includes a selection of colourful cards in different shapes and sizes with specifically assigned purposes. Cards are repositionable for flexible review and re-ordering or prioritising of key points, issues, ideas and actions.

    All tools used support and enhance the art and practice of staff engagement, interactive learning, professional facilitation, visualisation, team building and organisational development.

    Successful Applications ...

    1. Process Improvement
    2. Collaborative Planning / Brain Storming
    3. Decision Making
    4. Co-Creation of Solutions / Problem Solving
    5. Innovation Workshops
    6. Facilitated Focus / User Groups
    7. Strategy Sessions
    8. Reflection and Review
    9. Up skilling In-House Facilitators

    Our approach is high energy, interactive and fun.

    Time and Planning

    Facilitated workshops can be from 2 hours to 3 days or more depending on your needs and objectives.

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    Let’s review your needs and plan a Power Facilitation session with your team or selected stakeholders.
    This will allow you to experience this unique process and achieve a significant outcome or desired result for your group.


    What our clients say...

    The power facilitation process enabled us to run successful, insightful focus groups for a market research project. The facilitation activities, techniques, and tactics allowed us to gain valuable insight and information.


    Alana, Rush, Director of Business Development


    Declan is an accomplished and experienced facilitor. I have enjoyed being part of a few sessions with him


    Hooman Zahrai, Senior Product Manager - Cash Flow Finance


    ...a big thanks to you, thoroughly enjoyed it & we got great feeback about you & so good that the Leadership Team could participate and not have to worry about facilitating


    Executive Assistant


    Many thanks for your help - the offsite was a great success thanks in no small part to you


    Team Leader



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