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People love to partner with us because we:

Inside Inspiration Bullet Point
Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

We listen  to fully understand your organisations issues, needs, wants and core values.
We collaborate  with you to design and deliver the best program of learning to develop your people’s potential based on the proven Insights Discovery® learning system.
We engage,  excite and inspire your people with an enthusiasm and passion for learning and development that engenders positive change, overcomes barriers to success and unleashes their untapped potential.
We guarantee  immediate impact, positive changes and lasting measurable results in your business.

For businesses that depend on the effectiveness of their people to achieve and maintain a competitive edge.
Insights Discovery® provides a proven system for people development that is easy to learn, understand, remember and apply. It provides a common language of understanding, builds emotional intelligence and improves employee engagement, collaboration and retention.
Unlike traditional assessments, Insights Discovery® provides unique highly personalised reports which are fun and engaging and do not label, pigeon hole or alienate colleagues. The Insights Discovery® Learning System can be leveraged for infinite development possibilities across all areas of people development including individual, team, sales, influence and leadership effectiveness.


Aisling Monahan

Aisling Monahan Insights Colour Dynamics

Aisling is an experienced and passionate, coach, facilitator and speaker and brings a host of innovative learning and development solutions in organisational change, communication, teamwork, leadership and customer service to her clients.


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Cherry Hopley

Cherry Hopley Insights Colour Dynamics

Cherry is a facilitator and trainer who works with clients to build cohesive and collaborative strategies that are well communicated and embraced within their organisations. Cherry uses visual mapping processes and understands that that tapping the wisdom of the group is the big challenge going forward. Cherry believes that making decisions in groups and obtaining buy-in from these groups is the ideal to have business plans implemented


Elke Koch

Elke Koch Insights Colour Dynamics

Elke is passionate about helping her clients discover and implement effective strategies that close the gap between where they are now, and where they truly aspire to be.

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Joan Mather

Timothy Tucker Insights Colour Dynamics

Mather Consulting focusses on Organisational Leadership, Engagement and Performance. Our purpose is to develop inspiring leaders, high-performing teams and great culture so that our clients optimise their full potential. In NZ we have had the opportunity to support a wide range of organisations across different sectors. Please get in touch through the website..

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Inside inspiration was founded by Aisling Monahan in 1998 to serve the people development needs of large and small organisation’s across Australia and New Zealand. Since 2000, in association with Insights Learning & Development of Dundee, Scotland, we have been proud to share the many benefits of the powerful Insights Discovery® learning system with our clients, who include:

Google, Woolworths, Westpac, Optus, Lexis Nexis, Eli Lilly, Smith & Nephew, Merck-Serono, Novonordisk, Genzyme, Abbott Molecular, United Rail Group, Philips, BHP Billiton, Oilsearch, Technip, Newmont, CGS Veritas, CSC, Microsoft, Bupa, NRMA, Callscan, Schlumberger, BP, Plum Financial Services, Boral, Domain Chandon, Nine MSM, NEWS LTD, Susan Group, Specialty Fashion Group, The Nuance Group, Rebel, News International, Australian Institute of Professional Education, Qanda Technology, PEAK Adventure Travel Group, SEEK, Curtin University, CCAMTIL and Sheffield in New Zealand.

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Insights Discovery® is the next generation in Self, Team, Sales and Leadership development often heralded as "the most illuminating tool available in the workplace".

Insights Discovery® helps people understand themselves and each other better. This enriches their work and home lives with increased awareness, more effective communication and interpersonal skills. Ultimately boosting co-operation, synergy and business results.

We aim to improve every interaction, every relationship and every meeting, every project, one person, one team and one organisation at a time:

  1. By unlocking key insights to enhanced personal effectiveness and communication
  2. By empowering people and their organisation's with a common language of understanding and communication.
  3. By partnering with our clients to design and deliver engaging, inspiring and effective Learning and Development solutions with lasting impact.

Through our association with Insights L&D globally, which spans 30 countries and 29 languages we can deliver these transformational learning and development solutions to your worldwide operation and guarantee local support and a standardised quality approach.

We partner with, guide and support you on an engaging and profitable journey of discovery and people development to enhance your business success.

In partnership with you, we can create a customised modular development program that meets your organisations unique requirements and includes a combination of:

  1. Instructional design
  2. Insights Discovery® Profiles
  3. Workbooks
  4. One-on-One Coaching
  5. Keynotes
  6. Programs
  7. Online Learning modules
  8. Insights Discovery® Accreditations

Our approach appeals to all learning styles, with a balance between being engaging, energising, interactive and fun and allowing for reflection and group discussion to allow clear goals to be developed and actioned after the intervention is over.

We are committed to providing practical, results-oriented programs and follow-up services to help individuals and organisations set and achieve their goals and aspirations.

So, whether you’re looking at strengthening individuals, building high-performance teams, improving sales results, managing change or helping your leaders flourish, we look forward to talking with you.

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    What our clients say...

    Without fail, participants raved about each event for weeks afterwards

    I was delighted with Aisling and her Insights teams efforts throughout the many and varied events that were created for us over the six years we worked together. Every event was unique and highly successful – tailored to meet the needs of each team at the time, and supported by the robust Insights Discovery® development framework and assessment tool. Without fail, participants raved about each event for weeks afterwards, and in our quarterly social gatherings, many of the experiences were re-lived and described in the most favourable terms. The team spirit and culture that you helped us build was the envy of other external teams! I hope that we can work together again real soon..
    Optus, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Chris Gabriel, Director, Optus


    Learnt every minute of every hour

    Big thank you to Aisling for such an amazing workshop, learnt every minute of every hour that we were here. Her enthusiasm, her excitement really showed through. Her tireless efforts to get through to some of us that weren't quite getting it was very professional and very engaging so thank you very much and we look forward to working with you again soon.
    picture Craig Klassen, The Nuance Group


    It was really helpful for all of us

    I did my Insights accreditation thanks to Philips (the Company I am currently working for) and loved it. Last week we organised a team dynamics workshop and it was really helpful for all of us. I think we at times underestimate how difficult it is for newly created groups to work together... I would recommend Insights to anyone who would like to work on improving team effectiveness. Having Aisling Monahan leading the session was also fantastic, she did a great job of getting shared objectives at the end of the session we can further work on.
    picture Paula Liverani, Head of Human Resources ANZ


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