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This Privacy Policy covers Inside Inspiration in Australia and New Zealand (“Inside Inspiration”). It explains how we protect your privacy.

Introduction to Inside Inspiration’s Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is fundamental to the way Inside Inspiration does business. As a human resources consulting and services organisation, Inside Inspiration has a long history of handling personal information confidentially. We treat very seriously the ongoing trust you have in us to protect your personal information. We have systems and procedures in place to protect your privacy whenever we collect, store, use or disclose your personal information. You can request details about the information Inside Inspiration holds about you and you have a right to ask it to correct this information.

Our privacy framework

Inside Inspiration is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and the ten National Privacy Principles set out in that Act.

How we collect your personal information

We collect most personal information directly from you or your manager or employer. For example, your personal information will be collected when it is sent to us by your manager or employer or when you complete the Insights Discovery® Online Evaluator, fill in an application form, deal with us over the telephone, send us an email or letter, visit our websites or when we meet with you in person.

The type of personal information we collect may include your name, title, mailing address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, date of birth, sex, place of work and relevant Insights Discovery® Profile information.

How we use your personal information

We will tell you the purposes for which we intend to use your personal information.

We only collect personal information about you that is necessary to perform our functions and activities. If you do not provide this information, Inside Inspiration may not be able to deal with you, or provide you with a product or service. We may use personal information for several purposes.

An Inside Inspiration Company may collect your personal information:

  1. to assist in providing information about a product or service;
  2. to consider your request for a product or service;
  3. to enable it to provide a product or service;
  4. to tell you about other products and services that may be of interest to you;
  5. to assist in arrangements with other organisations (such as training partners) in relation to the promotion and provision of a product or service;
  6. to perform other administrative and operational tasks (including market or customer satisfaction research);
  7. as required by relevant laws and regulations.

There may be occasions when we need to source personal information about you from a third party. For example, we may collect personal information from your manager or employer, our business alliance partners and Internet sources (for example LinkedIn and Facebook).

We may disclose personal information to third parties when we contract out some of our functions and activities. For example, we may provide names and addresses to a mailing house to mail Insights Discovery® Personal Profiles to you and other customers. In these situations, we prohibit third parties from using your personal information except for the specific purpose for which we supply it.

What about sensitive information?

We will not collect, use or disclose sensitive information about you unless it is necessary to provide you with a product or service and we have your consent or, unless we are legally required to collect, use or disclose that information.

Your consent is important

Personal information is usually used or disclosed only after obtaining your consent. Your consent can be express or implied.

Your express consent can be verbal or written. For example, when completing the Insights Discovery® Evaluator. By completing the evaluator, you are giving your express consent to us to produce your Profile and review it for the purposes of debriefing you or your manager or employer.

You imply consent when we can reasonably conclude that you have given consent by some action you take (for example when you send us a recommendation or testimonial), or when you decide not to take action. For example, if you attend an Inside Inspiration program or event and the event is photographed or recorded, you have given us your implied consent to monitor or record your attendance at that program or event.

If you do not consent to certain uses of personal information by Inside Inspiration, it may not be able to deal with you, or provide you with a particular product or service.

Sharing of personal information within Inside Inspiration

For us to service our relationship with you and carry on business, it is important that we have the capacity to share your personal information with other Inside Inspiration entities within our group or Insights®.

We will obtain your consent to share your personal information with other Inside Inspiration companies and only share that information for the purposes to which you have agreed.

Disclosing to third parties

Subject to any general duties of confidentiality towards our customers and subject to the Privacy Act, an Inside Inspiration company may need to disclose your personal information to:

  1. an organisation that is in an arrangement or alliance with it for the purpose of promoting or using their respective products and services (and any agents used by that organisation in administering such an arrangement or alliance);
  2. any service provider it engages to carry out its functions and activities;
  3. regulatory bodies, government agencies, law enforcement bodies and courts;
  4. other parties it is authorised or required by law to disclose information to;
  5. any person who introduces you to it;
  6. your authorised agents or legal representative.

Marketing and privacy

Serving customers well is fundamental to our business. As part of this service we may use personal information we have collected to identify a product or service that may benefit you. We may contact you from time to time to let you know about new or existing products or services.

You can contact us at any time if you do not want to receive marketing information from Inside Inspiration. We will process these instructions as soon as practicable.

We keep your personal information up-to-date

If we have accurate information about you, it enables us to provide you with the best possible service. We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date at the time of collecting, using or disclosing the information.

We will correct personal information

If you learn that current personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, you should contact us. We will promptly update any personal information that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

You can request details about your personal information

Subject to some exceptions, you can find out what personal information Inside Inspiration holds about you.

How to request details

You should contact us if you wish to find out about the personal information Inside Inspiration holds about you. We will need to verify your identity before giving you access. We will normally be able to deal with your request immediately.

In a limited number of circumstances, we may not be able to tell you what personal information is held about you including where:

  1. it will threaten the privacy of other individuals;
  2. the information relates to anticipated legal proceedings;
  3. the information would reveal our commercially sensitive decision making process; or
  4. the law prevents us from disclosing the information.

If we are unable to tell you what personal information is held about you, we will give you the reasons why and attempt to find alternative means to enable you to access your information.

We store your personal information securely

We protect any personal information that we hold about you from misuse and loss. We also protect it from unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

We protect your information

Your personal information can only be accessed by people properly authorised to have access.Your personal information may be stored in hardcopy documents or electronically.

We maintain physical security, such as locks and security systems, over our paper and electronic data stores and premises. We also maintain computer and network security: for example, we use virus protection and firewalls (security measures for the Internet) and other security measures such as identification codes and passwords to control access to computer systems.

We destroy personal information we no longer need

We will destroy personal information if it is no longer needed:

  1. for the purposes for which we collected it; or
  2. for the purposes of meeting legal requirements.

We will properly dispose of all paper files, letters, correspondence and any other hardcopy documents that contain personal information that is no longer needed. All information stored in electronic form that is no longer required will be deleted from our systems.

Web site security and privacy

The Internet has rapidly changed the way we do business. It allows Inside Inspiration to provide services and information that you can access from the convenience of your home or office.

Inside Inspiration continually maintains and monitors its online systems to ensure your personal information is appropriately protected.

How you can help protect your privacy

You can help us to protect your privacy by:

  1. keeping passwords private; and
  2. contacting us immediately when you change contact details, such as your address and telephone number.

Resolving your concerns

You are entitled to complain if you believe that your privacy has been compromised. We will respond to a complaint as soon as possible, to let you know who is responsible for managing your complaint. We will try to resolve the complaint within 10 working days. When this is not possible, we will contact you within that time to let you know how long it will take to resolve the complaint.

How to make a complaint

If you have a privacy complaint, you can contact the person at Inside Inspiration that you have been dealing with. Alternatively, you can contact our Support Centre to handle the complaint.

Lodge an online complaint using the Contact Us Form on this page, or
, or
Write to: Inside Inspiration, PO Box 161, North Sydney, NSW 2059, Australia.

Need more information?

If you have a query relating to our Privacy Policy, contact the person that you normally deal with, or Send us a message on our Contact Us Form, or