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Insights in one word...Transformational! brightsolid HR Manager, Katey Brown shares how Insights Discovery® helped brightsolid win the hearts and minds of it's people

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  • Insights Discovery helps executives improve their ability to influence and engage with their colleagues and customers

    Here are 7 reasons why you'll love Insights Discovery...

    #1   Your Participants will Rave about how your Programs are Fun, Engaging and Memorable

    Let's face it, no matter how well you know your business and training needs, delivering Programs that stakeholders rave about isn't easy! With Insights Discovery there are no more tired and boring training days. You will immediately connect with your enthusiastic and energetic stakeholders who are amazed at how accurate and insightful their Insights Discovery Personal Profiles are!

    Every event was unique and highly successful – tailored to meet the needs of each team at the time, and supported by the robust Insights Discovery development framework and assessment tool. Without fail, participants raved about each event for weeks afterwards, and in our quarterly social gatherings, many of the experiences were re-lived and described in the most favourable terms. The team spirit and culture that you helped us build was the envy of other external teams!
    Optus, an Insights Discovery and Inside Inspiration Client Chris Gabriel, Director, Optus


    #2   It's so simple, people just get-it

    Many profiling tools can be complex and jargony.
    Your participants will love the simplicity of the Insights model. It's easy to understand, remember and apply. The Insights Colour Energies are intuitive, entertaining and memorable.

    I enjoyed the 4 hour program and found it much easier to understand, get involved in and get value from as opposed to recent MBTI course that I completed.
    The course drew much greater involvement from the participants and the group tasks and use of equipment created far more worthwhile interaction from us as a group and as individuals. I actually enjoyed the course which surely helps in the learning process.
    I will recommend it highly to my colleagues and really in todays busy world it's surely an advantage to be able to do this type of profiling in under a day with clearly, in my opinion, a far more successful result in terms of group and individual learning.
    Results wise, I was impressed as to how accurate my profile was from twenty odd questions as opposed to the 150 questions I answered in MBTI. My results were so accurate I thought you may have been in touch with my wife beforehand!
    NSW Department of Trade and Investment, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Mark Wakefield, Organisation Development Coordinator
    People, Learning & Culture, Corporate Services


    #3   No two Profiles are the same...just like no two people are the same

    Unlike traditional assessments, Insights Discovery provides unique personalised Profiles which do not label or alienate colleagues. People are unique and shouldn't be pigeon holed into one of a set number of standard templates, you know it and they know it.
    You'll love the way your participants immediately connect with their profiles and rave about how accurate they are. This saves lots of time and virtually eliminates the resistance you may have experienced from people in the past when a 1st generation Profiling tool pigeon holed them.

    The amazing thing about Insights is its accuracy in describing us all. My background is in Psychology and it is inspiring to see such a great example of a Psychologically grounded tool being used in the real world. It is not only an easy to understand system (enabling rapid deployment) but it also provides instantaneous as well as long standing benefits to individuals and teams. There are few tools that have provided me with as deep an understanding of myself and how to interpret and improve interactions with others as Insights has.
    News Limited, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Darren Stein, Director, Market Insights and Business Intelligence at News Ltd


    #4   It's a Highly Validated, Reliable and Proven Psychometric and System

    It's all well and good to have a simple system that's fun to deliver, but what about those who are looking for more depth or who want to know it's got real scientific credentials?
    The Insights Discovery model is underpinned with a strong Jungian psychological basis.
    Click here to see the documentation supporting its validity and reliability.
    For those wanting depth, they'll love the unique way Insights covers their unconscious (shadow) self and their energy preference flow.

    The integrity of the Insights Discovery Evaluator (IDE) rests solely upon its thorough and rigorous measures of validity/reliability and its congruence with the colour scores measuring personality preferences that embody Jung’s concept of opposites. Instruments similar to the IDE have come and gone as each fails to meet one or more of these vigorous measures. Only the best survive. This present landmark effort assures the entire professional community of researchers, developers, practitioners and consumers alike, that their belief in the integrity in the IDE is well placed and positively confirmed. If one was ever skittish about pressing questions of the reliability and validity of the IDE, one can now move onto other concerns.
    Professor B. Bradley West, B.S., A.M., Ph.D.
    Research Specializations in MBTI, Psychometrics and Projective Techniques
    Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, 48864, U.S.A.


    #5   It's Practical and Proactive which means you get Results from day one

    The Insights Discovery model and profile is very pragmatic answering the question "what do we do with this information?" You and your participants will love it's positive jargon-free language which is easy to understand and apply. Best of all, the profile is packed with immediately actionable strategies for improvement so there's no wasting time wondering "where to from here?".

    The Insights Discovery® Profile provided a comprehensive and relatively accurate view of my personality, work preferences and style. In particular, it was most useful in identifying my blind spots and areas of personal development. The report also provided an effective tool for managing a team. By reviewing the Insight reports of other team members I was able to effectively manage my team and individual team members. Overall the Insights report provided the catalyst for personal and professional development and provided a foundation for coaching sessions.
    Optus, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Theo Konstantopoulos, Improvement Manager Optus


    #6   It builds Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness and Awareness of Others

    Most people spend a lifetime learning how to improve their interpersonal effectiveness. Insights Discovery takes a life times work from the eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung and delivers it in a clear and simple system for your benefit.

    The value of using Insights Discovery® at the leadership levels of the organisation is that it helps our leaders to see that:

    1. They do not have to be everything to everyone
    2. Others have strengths that can complement the team
    3. Different people have different strengths
    4. People respond differently to how they are approached, and it is in the best interest of the leader to be aware of the best way to approach and respond to the people they lead

    Insights Discovery® is a valued tool in improving the quality, not the quantity of communication. People develop improved understanding of their own characteristics and how they may be perceived, and those of others with whom they work. Insights Discovery® helps to diffuse potential conflict and misunderstandings in the workplace and is also used specifically for team building. It provides an opportunity to share and learn, and focus individuals who are best suited to specific tasks. Employees are always amazed with the accuracy of their profiles and use it regularly with their colleagues.
    picture Morag Ritchie, Manager, Learning and Development, ING, Western Region, Canada


    #7   We GUARANTEE Your Participants will love their Profiles and Insights Discovery Programs!

    We are so confident that you and your teams will love their Profiles and Programs that we guarantee the experience.

    We offer a full Money Back Guarantee for our Programs and Profiles. If you are not entirely satisfied with your experience we will agree a price you are happy with or provide a full refund at your choice!
    Inside Inspiration logo Aisling Monahan, Director,
    Inside Inspiration



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