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Insights in one word...Transformational! brightsolid HR Manager, Katey Brown shares how Insights Discovery® helped brightsolid win the hearts and minds of it's people

It was a phenomenal success and I highly recommend this course...

AIPE CEO, Amjad Khanche highly recommends Insights Discovery®...

Insights Discovery® Personal Profile Factsheet

Sample Insights Discovery Personal Profile

Sample Personal Profile

Insights Discovery Personal Profile Sample

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    An engaging, reinforcing and transformational insight into yourself and others

    Would you like to:

    1. Know and understand yourself and others better and so improve your personal effectiveness?
    2. Inspire and facilitate your own and others self awareness, personal development and growth?
    3. Learn a common language of understanding and interaction that enhances every communication?
    4. Gain a new perspective on yourself and others that disolves limitations and expands possibilities?
    5. Empower yourself and others to recognise, value and optimise the benefit of difference?
    6. Transform the interpersonal dynamics, productivity and culture at your workplace?

    Insights Discovery® Personal Profile

    Facilitators, Coaches, Human Resource Specialists and Psychologists acknowledge and recognise the value of Psychometric (Behavioural) profiling tools in assisting individuals gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and potential blind spots.

    Myers Briggs (MBTI) and DiSC profiling are only a few examples of the many personality profiling tools available to choose from. Inside Inspiration has been using Insights Discovery® as our preferred profiling tool since 2000. Similar to Myers Briggs, the Insights® system is based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung and works with a person’s personal preferences in terms of attitudes (introversion / extroversion), rational functions (thinking / feeling), and irrational functions (sensing / intuition).

    Insights Discovery® differs from other profiling tests and tools in the simple but effective use of a unique colour system, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue (Insights® Colour Energies) to help individuals remember their personal preferences and more easily identify the behavioural preferences of others.

    Apart from the user-friendly approach of Insights®, another strength is its focus not just on knowing yourself but also on recognising others, adapting your style, and connecting accordingly. This makes Insights Discovery® an extremely useful tool in improving interpersonal effectiveness.

    The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is not a stand-alone tool. It is often the basis for an interpersonal effectiveness program, leadership development, improving sales results, an OH&S Behaviour Safety program or a facilitating Change workshop. If a full-day program is not an option, the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is always accompanied by a debrief with an accredited Insights practitioner.

    Visit our Programs page for more information on Programs which use the Insights Discovery® Personal profile as their foundation.

    We would like to introduce you to the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile, the most advanced, accurate and easiest to understand and apply behavioural styles tool available.

    To receive your profile, you will only need to spend 15-20 minutes to complete a 25-frame on-line evaluator. This will generate a 20 to 40 page profile which literally 'captures you to a tee' and will give you a detailed understanding of your personal style, preferences, strengths, weaknesses and how all this is impacting your relationships in both your personal and business environments.

    Celebrating the uniqueness of each person, the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile illustrates how recognising and valuing differences can empower you as an individual, your team and your entire organisation.

    What's in the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile

    Insights Discovery® Personal Profile

    Each profile includes the Foundation Chapter and can be extended with the additional Chapters which support ongoing learning and development across a range of specialised areas.

    Foundation Chapter

    Introduces you to your personal style and approach, key strengths and weaknesses, value to the team, preferred communication style, possible blind spots, opposite type and suggestions for your development.

    Management Chapter

    This chapter is a valuable inclusion within a leadership, team or management development programme. It enables managers to consider their own management style as well as the needs of those they manage in terms of motivation, working environment and preferred style of leadership.

    Personal Achievement Chapter

    This chapter leads you from an initial understanding of your self towards an exploration of how you can grow and improve in specific areas of personal achievement such as time management, creativity and goal setting. The chapter can form an integrat part of a personal effectiveness or coaching programme.

    Effective Selling Chapter

    This chapter explores individual approaches towards selling and influencing at each stage of the sale from preparation to follow-through. It can be customised or linked to your in-house sales model or process.

    Interview Chapter

    This chapter is a one-page supplement providing pertinent questions to assist in the selection process. The questions probe and stretch the candidate, raising levels of self awareness and identifying areas of strength and areas for development.

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    The Insights Discovery® Profile is:

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point
    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point
    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Simple:  A simple, memorable, highly potent colour system that sticks!
    Unique:  Everyone is unique and so is your Insights Discovery Personal Profile
    Positive:  Written in a positive, supportive language that promotes an 'I'm OK, you're OK' perspective
    Current:  Continually updated and assessed by leading authorities for statistical validity and accuracy
    Helpful:  Assists individuals to gain a better understanding of their style and how this impacts on others
    Beneficial:  Enables people to develop their interpersonal skills, improving team performance and creating a positive, productive cultural environment
    Memorable:  Because it is easy to understand and remember, immediate and long-term application and improvements are both achievable and far more likely!

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    What our clients say...

    The colour energies helps us build better, more productive teams internally and helps us connect more effectively with our external customers

    Insights Discovery has been a very positive part of our business for over 9 years now, across multiple countries. The training received provides everyone with a common language and a common understanding of what makes us all unique. Discovery is a well proven model, delivered in a fun and energetic forum that connects with everyone. Appreciation of the colour energies helps us build better, more productive teams internally and helps us connect more effectively with our external customers.
    Smith & Nephew, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Gary Rooke, Training Manager Australia and New Zealand at Smith & Nephew


    Many sceptics have been converted...A New language has emerged within a historically somewhat dispersed and disconnected organisation

    It has truly been a great journey with Insights. A new language has emerged within a historically somewhat dispersed and disconnected organisation and as we were traveling we have converted many skeptics, primarily because Insights has a unique combination of, scientific rigor, impactful and simple presentation, powerful training interventions, excellent Insights representatives wherever we went around the world.
    The Nuance Group, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Ruud Rikhof, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, The Nuance Group


    It provides instantaneous as well as long standing benefits

    The amazing thing about Insights® is its accuracy in describing us all. My background is in Psychology and it is inspiring to see such a great example of a Psychologically grounded tool being used in the real world. It is not only an easy to understand system (enabling rapid deployment) but it also provides instantaneous as well as longstanding benefits to individuals and teams. There are few tools that have provided me with as deep an understanding of myself and how to interpret and improve interactions with others as Insights has.
    News Limited, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Darren Stein, Director, Market Insights and Business Intelligence at News Ltd


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