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  • Launchpad for Change will re-energise and up skill your Change Managers for success. This dynamic program gives Change Teams the tools and knowledge they need to work effectively together and with those they need to lead and influence during times of change.

    1. Your organisation is changing, how do you plan to inspire, engage and lead your people effectively through this change?
    2. Need a sustainable and practical way of bringing best practices in change to life?
    3. Do your Change Leaders know how to ‘adapt and connect’ to motivate the different individuals and personalities within your organisation?
    4. Want to reduce resistance and increase employee contribution towards the change process and its’ success?

    Participants are introduced to the Insights Discovery® model, their own Personal Profile and the Insights® Team Wheel. They learn how to apply this new framework to enhance communication, engagement and collaboration both within the team and across the organisation.

    The ‘Change Pulse Check’ survey can be applied regularly to inform leaders when and where there is a ‘drop off’ in engagement. These results enable Leaders to take immediate, appropriate and efficient action to keep the project on track for success.

    Program Overview

    1. What is Change Management?
    2. Perception and Change
    3. The Four Insights® Colour Energies in Change
    4. Insights Discovery® Personal Profile
    5. Value to the Team during Change
    6. Key Questions for Change Planning
    7. Colour Communication Strategies
    8. Review Insights® Team Wheel
    9. Recognising Others’ Styles
    10. Adapting and Connecting Techniques
    11. Change Pulse Check model
    12. Colourful Suggestions for Success during Change and Transition
    13. G-WAVE Action Planning

    At the heart of the Program is the Insights Discovery®
    Learning System.

    Our approach is high energy, interactive and fun. We also encourage reflection and group discussion to allow a clear Change action plan to be developed.


    This Program can be delivered in a full day format or flexible structure to suit your organisations needs. Options also include follow-up coaching and online learning modules.


    Suitable for current or emerging supervisors, managers and leaders in your organisation who are responsible for driving change initiatives.

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    We look forward to understanding your needs and working with you to equip your Change Leaders with the knowledge, skills and flexibility they need to inspire and guide your people through the Change process.


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    What our clients say...

    The result is more change ready leaders using a very sustainable and practical way of bringing best practices in change to life

    Coastal Community was introduced to Insights® in 2005 when we completed a tri-merger. During that time of significant change, Insights® best practices in change workshops were delivered to executives, and senior managers, through to employees. The Insights Discovery® platform has since been integrated into our organization. We continue the application of the Insights® platform through internal practitioners in Insights Discovery®. Most recently we completed another significant change initiative and worked with the regional Insights® office to provide an audio presentation for staff about the engagement model, and developed an on-line survey for regular measurement of employee engagement throughout the change. The result is more change ready leaders using a very sustainable and practical way of bringing best practices in change to life.
    picture Deborah Edwards, CHRP, Acting AVP HR & Organizational Dev. Coastal Community Credit Union Vancouver, Canada


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