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Insights Discovery Accreditation Fact Sheet

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    Insights Discovery® Accreditation is essential for anyone wishing to facilitate Insights Discovery® solutions within their organisation. This comprehensive program provides practitioners with the foundational knowledge, skills and confidence to utilise our powerful Insights Discovery® Personal Profiles and suite of learning resources to craft and deliver transformational L&D programs in-house.

    Would it be helpful to have people in-house who can deliver the Insights message and incorporate this into your people development programs?

    The Insights Discovery® Accreditation qualifies participants to use the Insights Discovery® learning system and Insights Discovery® Personal Profile as part of their in-house learning and development solutions. The four-day Accreditation looks in depth at the Insights Discovery® system, the Jungian psychology that underpins it and how to apply this in a practical way to meet specific learning objectives.

    The Accreditation teaches practitioners how to deliver Discovery material in a participative and compelling style, as well as gaining an indepth understanding of the Discovery Personal Profile and how it is interpreted.

    At the end of the Program, participants will be confident and competent in their skills and knowledge to deliver Discovery interventions within their organisations and to precipitate behavioural change as a result.

    Accreditations are run regularly in easily-accessible and comfortable locations. Alternatively, if several individuals from the same organisation wish to become Accredited, the Program can be adapted for specific customer needs and run in-house.


    Day One - Experience the Magic of Insights Discovery®

    Participate in an Insights Discovery® workshop, either for the first time, or to refresh your experience. Be inspired by the magic!

    Day Two - Understanding the Insights Discovery® learning system

    This day will give you the background to the Insights Discovery® system and a full understanding of the construction of the Insights Discovery® wheel and graphics.

    Day Three - Facilitating with the Insights Discovery® learning system

    You will learn how to apply the learning in a workshop environment. We will give you the skills to develop your participants’ understanding of themselves, others, and how to begin the journey of adapting and connecting to improve the relationships in their lives.

    Day Four - Practical Applications of the Insights Discovery® learning system

    We explore how to apply the Insights Discovery® system in differing situations, with different objectives and outcomes.

    Accreditation Objectives

    As a participant on this Accreditation, you will:

    1. Gain confidence to present, facilitate and coach using the Discovery material
    2. Lean how to create the right environment and unique atmosphere of an Insights Discovery® intervention
    3. Practice techniques to help you adapt your style so you can develop others to do the same
    4. Gain a sound working knowledge of the Insights Discovery® system - background, construction, validity
    5. Be able to interpret the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile graphics effectively
    6. Explore the range of applications available for your customers
    7. Enjoy a journey of self-understanding and a deeper understanding of others


    The Insights Discovery® Accreditation (IDA) is an intensive program that is delivered over four days from 8:30am – 5:30pm, with homework! There is a follow-up 'Confirmation of Learning' assessment which must be completed within one month of the end of the IDA.

    Note: Accredited Practitioners are also required to complete a one day Renewal Program every two years.


    Suitable for Human Resource, Organisational Development, Learning and Development professionals, Facilitators, Coaches, Consultants and Trainers. It is ideal if participants have a keen interest in developing people and have competent presentation skills.

    Qualifying Requirements

    Participation in the IDA is only available to qualifying organisations. For it's own long term benefit, to qualify for IDA an organisation must:

    1. demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the utilisation of the Insights Discovery Learning System,
    2. demonstrate commitment to the correct application and delivery of the Insights Discovery Learning System,
    3. have committed to run a minimum of five days of Insights Discovery programs facilitated by a qualified Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner.

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    Register your interest in this exciting program and request our comprehensive Insights Discovery® Accreditation information pack. Take the first step in your journey of becoming a respected member of our global community of practitioners. Gain access to a comprehensive suite of L&D resources to develop and deliver your own transformational Discovery® based solutions.


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    What our clients say...

    Insights Discovery® is simply the best

    As a qualified NLP Coach I have trained in many systems to facilitate positive change and support individual’s development. I am accredited in MBTI and DISC (extended version - EDISC) and they are both very capable instruments in the psychometrics market. I got a lot out of the training myself and use the indebth knowledge all the time when people I work with want to understand the underlying patterns in the way we function even more.
    Yet when it comes to presenting to and working with teams that need to apply the knowledge in their day to day work life Insights Discovery® is simply the best. It’s easy to understand and has a great foundation which is expressed as well by the accuracy of the individual profiles. Working with colours as opposed to letters makes it also very approachable from a psychological learning perspective. Evidence has shown again and again that the use of colours with their underlying psychological message is easier (unconsciously) picked up by the brain.
    The use of letters like in MBTI will involve more conscious effort to pick the message up - a lot of people forget those easily a few months after the training. And the use of words like in DISC (and EDISC) has the potential to bias people more due to the attitude towards words like dominant, influential etc.

    picture Elke Koch-Uhlemann, Director at My Comfort Zone


    My CFO told me it was the best money he had EVER invested personally or professionally

    After being initially resistant to the idea of the Insights Program, my CFO recently told me it was the best money he had EVER invested personally or professionally and insisted that he hand-deliver the cheque. Our leadership team reaps the benefits of the investment every day in more efficient meetings, improved collaboration, smoother running projects, better client relations, improved sales effectiveness, and most importantly, a healthier bottom line.
    picture Ken Barnhart, President and CEO, The Occam Group


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