Insights Discovery® Accreditation Renewal


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Andrew Foo talks about the Insights Discovery® Accreditation

Program Fact Sheet

Insights Discovery Accreditation Renewal Factsheet

Accredited Practitioner Programs

Dates: 23rd Sept. 2016 and 24th Nov. 2016

Venue: 95-99 York Street, Sydney.

The Insights Discovery® Accreditation Renewal is an essential (one day) refresher which Accredited Practitioners need to attend every 2 years to retain their Insights® Certification.

My Insights Discovery® Accreditation has expired and I need to update my knowledge and skills to renew my Certificate.

I love the Insights Discovery® model and I’d like to explore some new ways and applications of working with it.

I’d like to hear about other practitioners’ experiences of working with Insights Discovery® and share my own.

I’d like to reinforce and build on the learning from the four day Insights Discovery® Accreditation program.

This is a one-day program plus a Webinar designed to renew and update your knowledge on the Insights Discovery® learning system and psychology. Designed to cover the core fundamentals from a more seasoned perspective as well as including some fresh learning.

Practitioners will be reminded and updated on all the amazing tools and resources available to them to design and deliver tailored solutions to their organisations needs in the areas of Personal, Team, Sales and Leadership development.

Program Overview


  1. 90 minute Theory Webinar

  2. Program Agenda

  3. Delegates share the highlights and challenges of their Insights® journey to date
  4. Make It-Stick, Jungian Preferences on the Wheel
  5. Colourful Frustrations Exercise
  6. Working with the coloured blocks and wheel mat
  7. Lunch
  8. Review the new Workshop Journals
  9. More advanced Team Wheel graphics and analysis
  10. 'A to Z of Discovery' explored
  11. Exploring Connections

(Program content is tailored to the specific interest and needs of the group)

Materials Provided

Participants will leave with the two new Workshop Journals (e.g. Discovering Personal, Team, Leadership or Sales Effectiveness) together with a set of coloured blocks, colourful Frustration Cards, Laminated Attitudinal Function cards and an Insights String Bag


The Insights Discovery® Accreditation Renewal is a one day program that is delivered from 8:30am – 5:30pm


This program is only available to Insights Discovery® Accredited Practitioners.
Practitioners Accredited within the last 2 years have the option to attend the afternoon session only.

Register you interest - IDA Renewal Registration Form

Register for this renewal program and continue your journey of learning and development as a respected member of our global community of practitioners. Continue to gain access to our comprehensive suite of L&D resources to develop and deliver your own transformational Discovery® based solutions.

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    What our clients say...

    Insights Discovery® is simply the best

    As a qualified NLP Coach I have trained in many systems to facilitate positive change and support individual’s development. I am accredited in MBTI and DISC (extended version - EDISC) and they are both very capable instruments in the psychometrics market. I got a lot out of the training myself and use the indebth knowledge all the time when people I work with want to understand the underlying patterns in the way we function even more.
    Yet when it comes to presenting to and working with teams that need to apply the knowledge in their day to day work life Insights Discovery® is simply the best. It’s easy to understand and has a great foundation which is expressed as well by the accuracy of the individual profiles. Working with colours as opposed to letters makes it also very approachable from a psychological learning perspective. Evidence has shown again and again that the use of colours with their underlying psychological message is easier (unconsciously) picked up by the brain.
    The use of letters like in MBTI will involve more conscious effort to pick the message up - a lot of people forget those easily a few months after the training. And the use of words like in DISC (and EDISC) has the potential to bias people more due to the attitude towards words like dominant, influential etc.

    picture Elke Koch-Uhlemann, Director at My Comfort Zone


    My CFO told me it was the best money he had EVER invested personally or professionally

    After being initially resistant to the idea of the Insights Program, my CFO recently told me it was the best money he had EVER invested personally or professionally and insisted that he hand-deliver the cheque. Our leadership team reaps the benefits of the investment every day in more efficient meetings, improved collaboration, smoother running projects, better client relations, improved sales effectiveness, and most importantly, a healthier bottom line.
    picture Ken Barnhart, President and CEO, The Occam Group


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