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  • A positive, practical way of taking individuals to a higher level of awareness, understanding and effectiveness, by exploring their self-perception and others perception of them.

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    A new, rich and objective perspective into your personal style, approach and impact?
    Your leaders to gain a deeper insight into the impact of their style on those around them and how to improve each relationship?
    Your team members to learn more about themselves and each other so that they can avoid misunderstandings, save time and work more effectively together?
    A non threatening and proven process to unlock and resolve difficult situations or conflicts with your people?
    A catalyst to enhance peoples’ performance and interpersonal skills, one conversation, one person at a time?

    The Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile is the perfect compliment to the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and a natural next step on the journey of self-awareness and understanding.

    The profile extends the understanding and perception of self to include insights into the perception others have of our preferences, providing a fresh and rich perspective into personal approach, style and impact. Individuals who have already received their Insights Discovery® Personal Profile will ask their selected Feedback Group (2-12) to complete a 10-frame Evaluator and provide additional comments or suggestions for improvement. All feedback can be named or anonymous.

    The resulting profile combines the self-perception with the perceptions of the Feedback Group – both as an aggregated group and as individuals – and uses the Insights Discovery® framework to compare and contrast these perspectives. This enables individuals to explore their strengths and development areas and the impact these may have on their professional and personal relationships.

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    The Discovery Full Circle profile is designed to:

    1. Support both one-on-one and group dialogues
    2. Bring personal feedback to life in a way that is engaging and positive
    3. Ultimately inspire the individual to take instant action to improve interactions with key stakeholders.

    To that end the Discovery Full Circle profile is accompanied by a Learning Guide, “The Discovery Full Circle Profile Companion”. This guide comprises a wealth of hints, tips, ideas and exercises to enable the individual to engage fully with the rich information contained in the profile and to explore in a practical way, the data provided by the Feedback Group.

    The combined impact of the Profile and the Learning Guide enables speedier and more effective individual and team development and contributes to a more authentic and empowered working environment.


    1. Takes individuals to the next level of understanding
    2. Provides individuals with a fresh insights into themselves and their impact on others
    3. Provides a non-threatening and positive framework for discussing personal and team development
    4. Can be used in one-on-one and team environments
    5. Learning Guide enhances the individual and team learning experience

    What's in the Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile

    Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile
    1. Recipient’s Self-Perception
    2. Feedback Group Perception
    3. Feedback by Role
    4. One-on-one Personal Feedback Review
    5. The Insights® ‘Team’ Wheel

    Recipient’s Self-Perception

    Includes the individuals Discovery Colour Dynamics graphs and a broad understanding of their personal style, interaction with others, key strengths, performance under pressure and leadership preferences.

    Feedback Group Perception

    Includes the Feedback groups’ individual and aggregate perception of the individual, graphically, in terms of the Team Wheel, Colour Dynamic graphs, and additional bar graphs which indicate how much of an energy the individual’s sees in self compared to how much the Feedback group see.

    Also includes perception of characteristics of individual based on the evaluator responses from each member of the Feedback Group, indicating Key Strengths, how individual may show up under pressure and leadership approach. This section also included strategies for connecting and communicating effectively with each Feedback group member.

    Feedback by Role

    Displays information at an aggregate role level for Manager, Peer, Team Member or Customer compared with the self perception of individual.

    One-on-one Personal Feedback Review

    Feedback Group responses to the questions:

    1. What behaviours do you most admire in this individual?
    2. What behaviours would you encourage this individual to develop to be more successful in their role?

    The Insights® Team Wheel

    Displays the actual wheel positions of the Feedback group members.

    Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your specific needs and how the Insights Discovery® Full Circle Profile can take your peoples’ self awareness, understanding and performance to the next level.


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    What our clients say...

    I was amazed at the accuracy of the initial Insights Discovery Personal Profile. To now take the exercise a stage further by consulting with peers and customers is excellent in giving all-round unbiased feed-back.
    James Anderson-Dixon, Nationwide



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