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It was a phenomenal success and I highly recommend this course...

AIPE CEO, Amjad Khanche highly recommends Insights Discovery®...

Program Fact Sheet

Inside Inspiration Discovering Team Effectiveness fact Sheet

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  • Engage your team in a deeper exploration and understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and colour dynamic. Brainstorm solution’s to the most critical issues, how to access untapped potential and achieve their collective goals for success.

    Do you want to:

    1. focus on the issues and challenges most critical to your teams success?
    2. be more aware of your teams key strengths, weaknesses and blindspots?
    3. create space for more open and honest dialogue within the team?
    4. overcome a major obstacle that is holding the team back?
    5. develop team action plans for continuous team improvement?

    Discovering Team Effectiveness is the next step in development for intact teams, designed to explore their strengths, weaknesses and colour dynamic in more depth. The Insights Team Effectiveness model introduces a valuable framework for assessing how effective a team is in four key areas of functioning: Focus, Flow, Climate and Process.
    Insights Team Effectiveness Model
    This assists the team identify and focus on the most pressing and important issues and challenges for their development.
    Your team will leave re-energised and able to confront problems they have been struggling with in a positive, practical and engaging way.

    Program Overview

    1. Insights Discovery® – An Introduction
    2. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile
    3. How you view your team
    4. Insights Discovery® Colour Energies
    5. Strengths within the team
    6. Team Dynamics
    7. Your value to the team
    8. Adapting & Connecting within the Eight Types
    9. Communication within the team
    10. Team effectiveness model
    11. Your Ideal Environment
    12. Assess your Team Culture
    13. Team Commitments

    Our approach is high energy, interactive and fun. We also encourage reflection and group discussion to allow a clear sales action plan to be developed.


    At the heart of the Program is the Insights Discovery®
    Learning System.


    This program is a follow-up to the Insights Discovery® Personal Effectiveness Program or the Team Dynamics Program and can be delivered in a half to full day format. Options also include follow-up coaching and online learning modules.


    Suitable for in-tact teams that want a deeper understanding of their Team colour dynamic and how to further improve rapport, relationships and productivity.

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    We look forward to understanding your needs and working with you to advance your teams development, cohesion and effectiveness.


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    What our clients say...

    Insights, so far looks like the best value for the dollar...

    Since our team session, much of our interaction is laced with ‘colour’. It is refreshing to see the team reacting to a ‘mandated’ session with such uninitiated enthusiasm! Our company has spent countless dollars on many courses in order to help us become better at what we do. Insights, so far, looks like the best value for the dollar.
    picture Terri Geoffrey Penney, Director, Retail Offers CIBC


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