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Insights in one word...Transformational! brightsolid HR Manager, Katey Brown shares how Insights Discovery® helped brightsolid win the hearts and minds of it's people

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  • Improve your Leaders understanding of themselves and how their psychological preferences affect their performance as a leader and their ability to inspire and motivate others.

    Do you want:

    1. authentic leaders who inspire and empower your people to achieve outstanding business results?
    2. your leaders to be more effective at influencing themselves, their team and their key stake holders?
    3. empowering leaders who coach and develop their people to excel?
    4. leaders who understand the impact of their leadership style and how to overcome barriers to success?
    5. flexible leaders who know how to adapt their (behavioural) style to motivate the different individuals in their team?

    Discovering Leadership Effectiveness is the next step for managers and leaders who would like to continue their Insights Discovery® journey with a focus on leadership and motivating their people.

    This Program explores the traits of great leaders and how the Insights Colour energies contribute to leadership in unique ways. Participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their own preferences and how they impact their leadership style on their ‘good and bad’ days.

    The Management Chapter of the Insights Discovery® profile is revisited to highlight the importance of both leading others and being led in the way that best suits and motivates the individual.

    The Four Manifestations of Leadership Insights® model and how this relates to the Leaders role and effectiveness is introduced.

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    At the heart of the Program is the Insights Discovery®
    Learning System.

    Program Overview

    1. Insights Discovery® – An Introduction
    2. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile
    3. Explore your Leadership Effectiveness
    4. Traits of Great Leaders
    5. The Four Colour Energies in Leadership
    6. The Flip Side of Leadership
    7. The Four Manifestations of Leadership
    8. Motivating and Influencing the Colour Energies and the Eight Types
    9. Adapting your Leadership Approach
    10. Working with the Discovery Profile Management Chapter
    11. Committing to Action

    Our approach is high energy, interactive and fun. We also encourage reflection and group discussion to allow a clear leadership development plan to be developed.


    This Program is a follow-up to the Insights Discovery® Personal Effectiveness or Team Dynamics Program and can be delivered in a half to full day format. Options also include follow-up coaching and online learning modules.


    Suitable for current or emerging supervisors, managers and leaders in your organisation.

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    We look forward to understanding your needs and working with you to up-skill your leaders with the knowledge, skills and flexibility they need to inspire and empower all your people to excel.


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    Comments about this program......

    Insights Discovery® helps to diffuse potential conflict and misunderstandings

    The value of using Insights Discovery® at the leadership levels of the organisation is that it helps our leaders to see that:

    1. They do not have to be everything to everyone.
    2. Others have strengths that can complement the team.
    3. Different people have different strengths.
    4. People respond differently to how they are approached, and it is in the best interest of the leader to be aware of the best way to approach and respond to the people they lead.

    Insights Discovery® is a valued tool in improving the quality, not the quantity of communication.

    People develop improved understanding of their own characteristics and how they may be perceived, and those of others with whom they work. Insights Discovery® helps to diffuse potential conflict and misunderstandings in the workplace and is also used specifically for team building. It provides an opportunity to share and learn, and focus individuals who are best suited to specific tasks. Employees are always amazed with the accuracy of their profiles and use it regularly with their colleagues.
    ING, an Insights Discovery® Client Morag Ritchie, Manager, Learning and Development, ING, Western Region, Canada


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