Engaging, Inspiring and Empowering people and organisations to succeed with Insights Discovery® and Professional Facilitation

For businesses that depend on the effectiveness of their people to achieve and maintain a competitive edge.
Insights Discovery® provides a proven system for people development that is easy to learn, understand, remember and apply. It provides a common language of understanding, builds emotional intelligence and improves employee engagement, collaboration and retention.
Unlike traditional assessments, Insights Discovery® provides unique highly personalised reports which are fun and engaging and do not label, pigeon hole or alienate colleagues. The Insights Discovery® Learning System can be leveraged for infinite development possibilities across all areas of people development including individual, team, sales, influence and leadership effectiveness.

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Insights Discovery®
Personal Effectiveness Program

Empower your people with greater self

awareness and a common language of understanding and communication that will...

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Team Development
Team Dynamics Program

Equip your team for success, fast track bonding and collaboration with a new language of communication and understanding...

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Change Team Development
Launchpad for Change

Give your Change Teams a massize boost. This dynamic and pervasive program gives Change teams the tools and knowledge...



Leadership Development
Discovering Leadership Effectiveness


Equip your leaders with the knowledge and skills to motivate themselves and their followers to transform your business.

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Advanced Team Development
Discovering Team Effectiveness


Inspire a spirit of collaboration towards
team goals and objectives to maximize productivity and build a high performance team.

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Sales Development
Discovering Sales Effectiveness


Empower your sales team with communication, interpersonal and influencing skills that will catapult their rapport building and sales results.

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Introduction to Insights®
Discover how to transform your people and their results...

Gain a deep insight into yourself and your colleagues. Uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships.

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Insights Discovery® in action
Create amazing events your people will never forget...

Inside Inspiration's Aisling Monahan engaged and inspired over 600 Fitness First delegates. This colourful, high energy learning experience launched an unforgettable conference and produced lasting results and benefits for attendees.


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